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PackDivider Ultra-Lightweight Drysack – 4L

₹ 700.00 INR


For use inside other bags to separate items, add waterproofing and prevent toiletry leaks from spreading.

This is our range of ultra-lightweight waterproof drybags.

Brilliant for backpacking, motorbiking, cycling, vacation, camping, paddling, sailing and expedition use.

Are you aware of the difference between "Waterproof and Water Resistant" and how they are classified with different ratings based on the ability to protect from Water? Click on the below link to read more and understand what the rating stands for..


- Translucent material so you can see bag contents.
- Colour coded for quick access to essentials.
- Bright colours are easy to find in luggage.
- Grab handle at both ends.
- Fully taped seam (NOT welded).

How waterproof are they?
They’re Stormproof  (protected against powerful water jets)

Colour:  Translucent White with Blue bottom
Materials: 40D Nylon, PU-coated inside, Silicone-coated outside.
Waterproof Rating:  IPX6