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Waterproof Phone Case for screen size upto 6 inches

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A completely waterproof case to fit the iPhone 6 7 8 and X,XR, XS, the Google Pixel, and most Samsung Galaxy S phones.

What’s so special about this case?

  • 100% Waterproof – trusted since 1983
  • Talk and hear as normal
  • Great photos and videos
  • Touchscreens will work normally
  • Protection against water, dust, corrosion, sand and mud
  • Lanyard included so you can hang it round your neck

    Useful to know
  • Functional in extreme conditions, desert or arctic conditions
  • Fingerprint Recognition (e.g. Touch ID) won’t work through the Aquapac – you will have to enter your passcode
  • Face Recognition (e.g. FaceID) software will work as normal in this Aquapac
  • Some phones have rather sharp edges. We recommend the use of a thin bumper case which will protect both phone and case
  • The optically-clear LENZFLEX window is UV-stabilized (so it won’t go yellow in the sun)and the case will still be soft and functional in the extreme cold.

  • Colour:  Cool Grey with Acid Green Lanyard
  • Materials: TPU with optically-clear LENZFLEX lens window
  • Weight:  1.2 oz. / 3 5g  Lanyard: 0.2oz / 7g
  • Country of Origin:  Made in the UK

Are you aware of the difference between "Waterproof and Water Resistant" and how they are classified with different ratings based on the ability to protect from Water? Click on the below link to read more and understand what the rating stands for..

How waterproof is it?
Submersible – protected against continuous immersion to a depth of 30ft/10m

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