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ET Stone Solar Charger, Lantern & Torch
ET Stone Solar Charger, Lantern & Torch
ET Stone Solar Charger, Lantern & Torch
ET Stone Solar Charger, Lantern & Torch
ET Stone Solar Charger, Lantern & Torch
ET Stone Solar Charger, Lantern & Torch
ET Stone Solar Charger, Lantern & Torch
ET Stone Solar Charger, Lantern & Torch
ET Stone Solar Charger, Lantern & Torch
ET Stone Solar Charger, Lantern & Torch
ET Stone Solar Charger, Lantern & Torch
ET Stone Solar Charger, Lantern & Torch


ET Stone Solar Charger, Lantern & Torch

₹ 2,999.00

ET-Stone™, is a highly advanced Solar Power bank with an extremely efficient yet powerful Lamp & Torch. The product boasts a revolutionary design combined with state of the art technology completely developed in India. It is a result of 2 years of careful designing, research and a combination of the best components from all over the globe. A seamless integration of high end technology and ergonomic design makes it by far the smartest solar power bank and lamp ever made. It is developed with a single aim in mind – To redefine user experience.

All in all it is a perfect blend of rigidity, smoothness and strength which are the inherent properties of a stone has led the team to call this marvel – ET-Stone™





1.   Wall Mount (AC) Charging
2.   AC dual Charging
3.   DC dual Charging
4.   Laptop / Desktop (DC) Charging
5.   Multiple Device Charging
6.   LED Battery Indicators
7.   Solar Charging
8.   Solar Charging Indicator
9.   360° rotating Kickstand
10. 3 intensity LED Lamp
11. Wide Angle Lenses
12. SOS Light
13. LED Torch
14. Pocketable
15. Tripod Threads
16. Lanyard Holes

Battery:  3100 mAh Li-Po
Input Current: Up to 2A (5V DC)
Output Current: Up to 1.5A (5V DC)
Material: Special grade engineering polymer
Solar Panel: 2.75V / 550mA
LED (3 Nos): 110mA i/p current
Dimensions: 84mm x 135mm x 16.8mm
Multipurpose Kickstand: 360° Rotation (Patent pending)
Lens (3 Nos): Wide-angle, Anti-glare
Lanyard Holes: 3 Provisions
Female inserts (2 Nos): Universal 1/4” 20 UNC (For FCM / Tripod Attachment)
symbols (3 Nos): Buttons with application

1.   Only power bank to receive CE & BIS certification
2.   ET-Stone™ is the fastest solar charger in the market (In 1.4W Solar Panel Category)
3.   It can give staggering light outputs at 3 intensities:
a.   1st Intensity – Up to 14 hours of light
b.   2nd Intensity – Up to 22 hours of light
c.   3rd Intensity – Up to 50 hours of light
4.   In built torch gives up to 22 hours of light output
5.   The Kickstand assists in repositioning of ET-Stone™ at various angles for solar
      charging as well as light focusing
6.   Dual Charging allows you to charge ET-Stone™ and any other device at the same time
7.   It also has an in-built SOS signaling feature
8.   It easily fits in your pocket
9.   It boasts a never seen before ‘Stone finish Design’
10. Flexi Car Mount (FCM) helps in solar charging ‘on the go’ (Available with the ET- Stone Kit as well as for separate purchase)
11. ET USB Flash Cable (The Whip) charges most devices 1.5 times faster than any other normal USB cable
12. PCB, Design, Material composition, Solar panel, Lenses, The Whip are all customized specifically for ET-Stone™
13. In-built safety protocol (protects power-bank and device battery)
14. Temperature sensing – Senses the battery temperature & automatically adjusts the current, in case the temperature rises abnormally
15. Completely designed, developed, manufactured and assembled in India
      (Only power bank to do so)

Intellectual Property & Certifications:
1.   Kickstand mechanism of ET-Stone™ is Patent Pending
2.   Technology Patent of  ET-Stone™ is Patent Pending
3.   Design of ET-Stone™ is registered under Office of Controller General of Patents,
      Designs and Trademarks
4.   CE Certification obtained
5.   BIS Certification obtained
6.   ET-Stone™, Elixier Tech™ are both trademarked

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