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Ambition Rope - 50 meters - Red/Pink

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For beginners it is good to start with stronger ropes, with which falls at safety points are better supported and the entire climbing becomes safer. The rope can be used perfectly on rocks. 


  • Simple Ropes: Only one rope is used for the ascent. This is the fundamental and most extensive method of using ropes for ascent.
  • TeNOTEOnline application designed to review and monitor the condition of the ropes. The application is available on Google Play or on the web interface. To register use the code TeNOTE on the product packaging.
  • Standard - A basic, refined treatment of dynamic strings. The new technological procedure allows the application of the impregnation already during the standard treatment of the rope. The result is prolonged durability of TENDON ropes.
  • Complete Shield - A maximum degree of rope treatment with a high water and abrasion resistance effect. With the new progressive NANOTECHNOLOGY method, TEFLON® Eko is applied to the sheath and core of the rope in very small particles, which creates an almost impermeable protective layer throughout the rope against water, dust and other particles that could damage the fabric. or the core of the rope. COMPLETE SHIELD is a new impregnation that significantly increases the overall durability of TENDON strings.
  • Compact Termination - A unique rope termination technology. In the last 15 mm of its length the core is joined to the sheath in a compact assembly.
  • Center marking - The rope is marked accentuated in the middle of its length with a color, which does not alter its structure or its mechanical properties. Only on ropes of 30 - 80 m in length.


Rope diameter (mm) 10.5
Weight (g/m) 69
Number of UIAA falls 9
Maximum impact force (kN) 9.2
Sheath displacement (%) 0.1
Static elongation (%) 6.9
Dynamic elongation (%) 3. 4
Knotability 0.8
CE 1019 Yes
EN 892 Yes

Note: This product was manufactured in year 2017. Shelf life of Tendon Ropes is 10 years after which another 5 years usage life.

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