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Myth Field Dress Kit - Hunting
Myth Field Dress Kit - Hunting
Myth Field Dress Kit - Hunting


Myth Field Dress Kit - Hunting

₹ 7,999.00

A versatile and multi-functional field dressing kit for the new generation of hunter. Two of Gerber's highest performing field knives from the Myth™ hunting series come together to form a powerful combination of lightweight and dependable blades. The precision slicing of the agile Myth™Compact Fixed Blade is complemented perfectly by the pushing, pulling, and cutting power of the Myth™ Fixed Blade Pro with gut hook tip. Encased together in a slim, piggyback-style, puncture-proof sheath, this hunting kit will fit securely on your belt, vest, or strapped to your pack. It's easier to enter the wild when you know that you have the tools to help tame it.
Sometimes it can be hard to only pack a single knife on a hunt. With the Myth™ Field Dress Kit you will always have two high performing blades in one convenient package, ensuring that you are never over or under packed for your trip. Full tang construction ensures a balanced blade weight and durability, while the soft texture of the rubber handles are always easy to grip in even the toughest environments.
The Myth™ Field Dress Kit not only has dual blades for various field applications, but the added advantage of a carbide steel sharpener that can be used to maintain the integrity of both blades during a long hunt. When you’re packing your Field Dress Kit you are not only bringing two useful tools into the field, but the ability to keep them performing at their very best. This kit is the complete field companion for the ultimate hunt.
The Gerber Myth™ series of high performing field hunting knives and lightweight equipment has been designed by wilderness guides and professional hunters for the new generation of athletic outdoorsmen. Advances in knife construction technology breathe new life and functionality into some of Gerber's most impressive hunting knives.
An innovative carbide steel sharpener is built directly into the durable and puncture proof knife sheaths to keep your blade sharp and safe while in the wild. These products are built for vigorous treks into the wilderness to face diverse terrains in search of wild game. Carrying anything from the Myth™ series guarantees that you have exactly what you need.


- Textured Rubber Handle.
- Sheath with Integrated Sharpener.

Gerber Myth Field Dress Kit Includes:
- Myth™Compact Fixed Blade.
- Myth™ Fixed Blade Pro [GUT HOOK].
- Built-in carbide edge sharpener.
- Impact-resistant dual protective sheath.
- Lightweight design and materials ensure minimal effort during travel and use.
- Full tang blades extend throughout the easy to grip handles.
- Soft texturized rubber for easy control and use in all climate types and terrain.
- Low-profile design ensures minimal bulk while providing maximum versatility.
- Constant choice in blade type gives you more control of your cutting methods in the field.

Small Fixed Knife:

Overall Length: 7.25"
Blade Length: 3.25"
Weight: 1.0 oz

Fixed Gut Hook Knife:

Overall Length: 8.5"
Blade Length: 3.75"
Weight: 4.9 oz
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