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Antidote Lite Replacement Bladder - 2.5L


Antidote Lite Replacement Bladder - 2.5L

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The Camelbak Antidote Lite 2.5L Reservoir is an awesome replacement bladder for your old Camelbak. The hydration bladder is made from BPA free martials and features the easy to fill, 1/4 Turn Easy Open/Close system. Replace you're old Reservoir without having to buy a whole new Camelbak.


- Capacity: 2.5L
- Compatible with all Camelbak 2L and 3L hydration packs
- Lightweight and low profile
- 1/4 turn easy open/close
- Made with BPA-Free materials

  • Warranty

CamelBak has built its reputation by engineering products that exceed consumer expectations for quality and durability. From 2011 CamelBak introduces the “Got Your Bak Lifetime Guarantee” for all reservoirs, backpacks, bottles and accessories. CamelBak warrants all reservoirs, backpacks, bottles, and accessories from manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship for the lifetime of the product. CamelBak will repair or replace at its discretion any manufacturing defect in these products free of charge. This warranty does not cover damage caused by normal wear and tear, accident, combat damage, improper care or cleaning, non-standard usage or negligence, repairs or attempted repairs performed by anyone other than a CamelBak authorized service technician. This warranty covers only the product itself, but does not include batteries that you provide to power the product or damage from the improper use or storage of such batteries.
All products bought at a Discount, Annual Sale, Flash Sale and / or at a price below the MRP, will not be eligible to return OR for warranty claim of the product/s that you have purchased from
Note : CamelBak will not repair non-warranted products. If your product is not covered under warranty terms, please take it to a local fabric store, luggage repair store, or seamstress for a recommendation.
Proof of purchase is required to make a claim under this warranty.

For Returns procedure please refer to the below link


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