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Bug & Tar Remover 300 ml

₹ 899.00 INR


Specifically formulated to remove bugs and tar spots safely and easily.

Does the front bumper of your car look like an insect graveyard? Or how about the rear bumper and boot area, is that covered in lots of tiny black tar spots? Either way neither of the above is a good look! Our Bug & Tar Remover is specifically designed to remove these contaminants from your paintwork, which if left can cause etching or staining. Bug and Tar remover is safe on all exterior panels and trims of your car – just spray on and wipe off. It’s even great for removing tree sap! Muc-Off Bug and Tar remover does the hard work for you, meaning less elbow grease!


- Safe on alloy wheels
- Safe on wing mirrors
- Safe on windscreens
- Safe on plastics
- Safe on paintwork
- Quickly and safely removes bugs
- Carbon fibre safe

Eco Friendly: Our unique formula contains no harmful acids, CFCs or solvents and is fully biodegradable
Bugs & Tar: Our formula has been specifically formulated to quickly remove bugs, tar and tree sap