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M-Poche Tankbag
M-Poche Tankbag
M-Poche Tankbag
M-Poche Tankbag
M-Poche Tankbag


M-Poche Tankbag

₹ 890.00

Mobile Tank Pouch

M-Poche is a mobile pouch designed to grip metal tank and get an access to mobile screen with operational touch. It sticks well with 5 x magnets inbuilt on back side. It has mobile pocket on top and zipped compartment for carrying few essentials. It can be carry as waist pouch with double loops on backside. Separate braid with hook on one side to safeguard pouch during emergency and water-proof cover.


-Size: 5 x 7 x 2 Inches

-Volume: 1 Litre

-Colour: Black/Orange

-Primary Shell- 9/9 Uly coated ballistic fabric
-Secondary Shell- 2/2 Water resistant polyester fabric
-Fine PVC sheet for mobile pocket
-Standardized water-repellent zippers
-Heavy duty metal pullers and plastic fittings
-Sturdy & Strong magnets/ Earth-ray kind

-Fit-in mobile up to 6” screen
-Zipped compartment to hold essentials
-Separate braid with dog-hook for hooking pouch on handle-bar
-Single loop on back, to carry as waist pouch
-Can be covered with rain-proof cover


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