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Flash Hi Viz Straps - A Pair

₹ 349.00 INR

Flourescent Green

Quipco Flash Hi Viz Straps are a useful pair of reflectors that can be used by a cyclist, runner or a motorcyclist. The athlete can attach them on arm, leg, backpack, saddle, cycling luggage or motorbiking luggage. The flourescent green colour of the straps and the reflective strip are highly visible when the sun is down. At night the straps will help people around to spot you easily due to its high visibility. Flash straps also prevent the bottom of your trousers from becoming caught in the chain or crank, and from being covered in oil and dirt.


- Strong velcro system.
- High visibility reflective strip.
- Can be strapped onto ankle, arm, cycling luggage or motorbiking luggage for reflective purposes.
- Sold as a pair.

Dimensions:  Length - 44cms, Width- 5cms.