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Prevents Cross-Contamination:
Powered by Silver technology, our towels inhibits the growth of bacteria that would otherwise degrade fibers and cause contamination of the cloth.

Neutralizes Bacteria:
Vista’s Multipurpose cloth is safe, non-toxic, and effective, our microfibre product neutralizes bacteria and eliminates Dust, Dirt, Grime, Household spills and Messes, is safe for food prep and hospital settings.

Avoid Bad Odor On Cloth:
The silver technology neutralizes odor-causing bacteria, keeping the cloth odor-free.

Cleaner Between Cleanings:
Streak-free, lint-free, non-abrasive for use on every type of admissible exterior surface. Perfect for kitchen, bath, indoor or outdoor cleaning, auto detail, chrome, metals, glass, plastics, and hospitals.

Comparative Specifications:

Vista Anti-bacterial Multipurpose Cloth Standard Cotton Cloth
Easily Absorbs Dirt and Dust Pushes Dirt and Dust
Contains the Absorbed Matter Scatters Dirt and Dust, leaves streaks
Can be Washed with Regular Tap Water Requires Detergent to Remove Tough Stains and Dirt
High Moisture Absorbency Very Low Moisture Absorbency
Non-Scratching Can Leave Scratches

- Powered by Active silver
- 99% Anti-Bacterial
- Effective Anti-Bacterial for 100 Washes

Contents: 1 Non-Microfiber Cloth

Size: 12” X 12”

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