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Sea kayaking, cycle commuting or a day at the beach, this armband leaves you worry-free and hands-free, allowing you to get on with it whatever the weather.

Are you aware of the difference between "Waterproof and Water Resistant" and how they are classified with different ratings based on the ability to protect from Water? Click on the below link to read more and understand what the rating stands for..


- Made from sturdy neoprene.
- Fully-adjustable to different arm sizes.
- The design allows single-handed operation.
- Reflective face for safety at night.

Materials: Neoprene with Velcro closure

This armband is stretchy, so it'll work with most of our smaller cases:
- Mini and Small Whanganui Electronics Cases (AP 0108 and AP 0348)
- MP3 Case (AP 0518)
- Stormproof iPod Case (AP 0030)
- Stormproof Phone Cases (AP 0034 and AP 0035)