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Brake Kleen X 400 ML

₹ 340.00 INR

400 ML

Vista Brake Kleen X is an advanced cleaner that effectively removes contaminants of all types of brake and clutch assemblies.

The cleaning formula ensures high action over dirt, dust, brake fluid, loose friction material, tar and grease resulting in rapid results, zero residues, quick-drying, and helps eliminate brake noises.

- Highly effective cleaner on any type of brake and clutch assemblies
- Quick-drying application with zero residue
- Thorough cleaning action helps eliminate assembly squeal and chatter
- Non-carcinogenic and Non-chlorinated

Direction or use:
- Shake well before use
- Insert extension tube firmly into the actuator
- Ensure the brake/clutch assembly of the vehicle is cool
- Hold the can 10-20 inches away from the treated surface
- Spray liberally from the top such that the contaminants are dispersed and flows down. Clean the contaminants with a microfiber cloth thoroughly
- Repeat the process for heavy deposits

- Do not expose to heat or store at temperatures above 50 C
- Contents are under pressure, do not puncture the can
- Applicators should take adequate precautions while handling to prevent ingestion, inhalation, skin and eye contact
- Product application is recommended to be done in a ventilated area
- Keep out of reach of children
- In case of eye contact, rinse thoroughly with water