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Brute Re-Curve Bow - AB-R185 - Archery Equipment

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Draw Weight: 30-35Lbs

Sku: AR0029_Bk_30-35
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The Brute Re-Curve Bow - AB-R185 has a 17” bow riser that is fabricated from high-grade stress-proof mag alloy which grants the riser high strength along with excessive weight reduction; moreover, the riser is equipped with tapped slot’s which can accommodate all fitment's required for competitive, hunting as well recreational archery and an ergonomically correct grip crafted from high-quality premium polymer material makes this an ideal choice for all types of archers.

The surface is finished in a jet black matte colour. The limbs are fabricated using high grade tensile and elastic material which include a combination of woods, Gordon’s Bo-tuff fibre-glass (USA made). The bow is precise, stable and is a true joy to shoot with.

Bow Specifications:

  • Riser Length: 17”
  • Bow Length: 56”
  • Overall Weight: 2.70 Lbs
  • Draw Weight: 30 to 35 Lbs. | 35 to 40 Lbs. | 40 to 45 Lbs.
  • Draw Length: 24 to 30 inches
  • Colour: As per the image
  • Bow Type: Take-down Re-curve Bow
  • Dexterity: Right-Handed

These bows are available for right-handed shooters only. This bow can be used by archers at any level of shooting ranging from a beginner to a professional.  Ample limb length allows for a smooth draw.

Designed to be a take-down re-curve bow for ease in storage and transport. Designed and fabricated as per strict international standards.

Package Includes:

  • 1 number - 17” Bow Riser
  • 1 pair - Bow Limbs
  • 1 number - High-quality Dacron Bow String
  • 1 number - Professional Magnetic Arrow Rest (stick-on) & Screw Type Arrow Rest
  • Allen keys
  • 1 number - Competitive Bow Sight

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