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Cold Killers CORE Warm Sport Thermals

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ColdKillers Windproof Trousers voted BEST BUY by RIDE!

Made in Britain by Knox.
The Cold Killers Windproof Trousers are UNISEX, Full length, fitted and carefully constructed for comfort and performance.


- Made from a 3 layer laminate constructed using Superior Soft Shell fabric on the outside,  soft air flow fleece on the inside and a **hydrophilic membrane at its core that together form a windproof, water repellent and breathable barrier against the elements.
- Deep and high soft waistband for added comfort and maximum coverage.
- Co-ordinates with any of the jackets or tops.
- Windproof at the front with cosy fleece at the back for superior stretch and breathability.
- Unisex fitting with a range of sizes.
- 100% Windproof.
- Water resistant.
- Breathable.
- Machine Washable and Dries quickly.