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Expert Performance Cloth HG

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Vista Expert Performance Cloth HG is a high GSM wiping cloth with a unique blend of fibers to sustain dust better. It has a higher water retention capacity and can be used for up to 500 washes.

- Expertly Lifts dirt and dust particles from Glass, Chrome, Plastic, Vinyl and painted surfaces with ease
- Super-soft and non-abrasive 
- Remove fingerprints, streaks and product build-up
- Lint-Free
- Absorbs water multiple times its weight

Comparative Specifications:

Vista Expert Performance Cloth Standard Cotton Cloth
Easily Absorbs Dirt and Dust Pushes Dirt and Dust
Contains the Absorbed Matter Scatters the Absorbed Matter
Can be Washed with Regular Tap Water Requires Detergent to Remove Tough Stains and Dirt
High Moisture Absorbency Very Low Moisture Absorbency
Non-Scratching Can Leave Scratches

Washing Instruction:
- Rinse the cloth in clean water after each use
- Can be washed in hot water
- Can be washed with detergent, if required 
- Do not tumble dry:  Do not use softener