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Forester Magnetic Neo Tankbag (with Rain Cover) - NEW
Forester Magnetic Neo Tankbag (with Rain Cover) - NEW
Forester Magnetic Neo Tankbag (with Rain Cover) - NEW
Forester Magnetic Neo Tankbag (with Rain Cover) - NEW
Forester Magnetic Neo Tankbag (with Rain Cover) - NEW
Forester Magnetic Neo Tankbag (with Rain Cover) - NEW
Forester Magnetic Neo Tankbag (with Rain Cover) - NEW


Forester Magnetic Neo Tankbag (with Rain Cover) - NEW

₹ 3,000.00

Magnetic tank bags that walk the talk! immense capacity & ubercool looks! Turns into a trendy messenger / side sling bag when off the bike. Anchors down with 8 extremely powerful rare earth magnets and has the added provision of 2 secure strap down mountings when fully loaded and on off road rides. Clear map pocket and embroidered side panels with built in rain cover.

*PLEASE NOTE:The colour of the rain cover may change with every consignment as per received by the manufacturer. However the quality of the rain cover remains the same.*

The product shown in the video is the older model. Apart from the looks, a few features and bits of material, the functionality and mounting of the tankbag remains the same.

New Features:

The All New Dirtsack Tank Bag has been updated with following features:
- New Sleek Design
- Bright Colours (Gray-Yellow-Black)
- Semi Rigid Structural Form
- Internal Organizer

Existing Features:

- Heavy denier ballistic fabrics exterior for extreme durability.
- Neoprene padded base to negate damage to painted and chromed surfaces.
- Expandable – by 4 inches & 4 litres.
- 100% waterproof all weather cover in concealed stow pocket.
- Reinforced side walls and base for added strength and shape retention.
- Seams are bound on the inside and stress points are reinforced.
- Soft plush interior lining.
- 8 'Rare Earth' Magnets anchor bag to tank.
- 2 additional secure mount straps provide added security and a 0 displacement fit while fully loaded and on those off road runs.
- U-shaped open loading main compartment allows easy packing and access to contents.
- Includes a secure clamped, high visibilty rain cover in a stow away pocket
- 3 exterior zippered pockets + 1 transparent map pocket.
- Additional straps enable more secure bike mount or convert the bag into a compact back pack.
- 3M – 500 cd lux high visibility reflective tapes on 2 sides for safe low light riding.
- Heavy duty YKK zippers & slides.

Compatibility:Fits on most bikes with metal tanks.

Dimensions: L38cm / B25cm / D20cm
Capacity: 16 liters and extendable to 20 litres
  • Warranty
All Dirtsack products have a limited lifetime warranty; We stand tall behind the renowned quality and craftsmanship we’re known for. Being riders we also appreciate the unpredictability of terrain and conditions on rides and the toll they take on man machinery and equipment.If a Dirtsack reaches you with a defect in materials or workmanship we will repair or replace the bag, at our discretion.We do not cover Damages resulting from misuse,abuse,negligence and normal wear and tear in the course of use. Cosmetic damages that do not affect the functionality of the bag (such as scratches or stained fabrics) we look at with scorn ;)…a little grease or engine oil never bothered a biker! Any damage to contents of a bag or loss of the same,loss of time,or similar expenses is not covered. All material used on your Dirtsack,be it fabric,webbing,plastic components etc,will deteriorate with age and prolonged use.Any damage resulting from the same is not covered under warranty.Not sure if you fit the bill?Have the bag inspected by the dealer you bought it from or send us a couple of pictures.
Warranty Policy Details
If your bag qualifies for repair / replacement under warranty,all you need to do is to get it to us - postage paid.Once the product is received along with a proof of purchase,we will evaluate the claim asap.If the claim meets our guidelines,we will replace or repair your product at our discretion.In case a product is out of stock or production,we may recommend a similar product as replacement.When sending your bag to us for a warranty claim we recommend using a reputed courier service that provides a secure tracking number and door delivery.Once your bag is safely in our hands the warranty process will begin.We have a formidable reputation of providing stellar service…Deliveries at unearthly hours - for that ride ‘that just came up!’
Crazy last minute mods because the girlfriend insisted on a ‘larger bag’, Replacement of a 12 feet long anchor belt on the longranger…because someone ‘accidentally’ wrapped it around the hot pipe...

We’re fair guys..if you’ve treated the bag right, packed it sensibly, installed it right there’s little chance of stuff going wrong… but if we’ve screwed up – with a rare but possible faulty manufacturing or material - we’ll move mountains to right your wrong.
All products bought at a Discount, Annual Sale, Flash Sale and / or at a price below the MRP, will not be eligible to return OR for warranty claim of the product/s that you have purchased from
Proof of purchase is required to make a claim under this warranty.

For Returns procedure please refer to the below link

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