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Fuel Jerry Can for Motorbikes / SUVs / ATVs - 5 Litres
Fuel Jerry Can for Motorbikes / SUVs / ATVs - 5 Litres


Fuel Jerry Can for Motorbikes / SUVs / ATVs - 5 Litres

₹ 3,000.00


The 5L Jerry Can is made of super strong plastic ABS material, which can be used as Fuel Tank for Spare Petrol on Motorcycles, Cars, ATVs and SUVs.

This is the highest quality plastic jerry can on the market. Made to Military specs, these cans are built to last with a high-grade plastic body which makes them perfect for the rugged off-road. Their corrosion safe liner makes them the perfect emergency backup fuel tank.

The Long Haul Jerry Can works great for off-roading, motorbiking, boating, or as an emergency backup can. You can have peace of mind knowing that you are buying the most trusted jerry can on the market. 

Ultra Fast Pouring - Each can has a unique air breather that allows you to empty your can in record time. 


- Jerry Can is made of tough plastic material, which makes it anti-corrosion, anti-static, anti-UV
- The design is suitable for mounting on 2 Wheelers and 4 Wheelers
- It comes with a built-in funnel pipe (fuel tube)
- Jerry Can has vent hole designed to prevent reverse-flow due to low pressure.

Range Of Application: Offroad, SUV, ATV, Motorcycle, etc.   




5 Litres

Compact Size:

25cm x  13cm x  28cm

Item Weight

1060 gms
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