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Hex-400 Crossbow - CR-40 0BP - Archery Equipment

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HEX–400 is a marksman dream come true; this crossbow shoots at a blistering speed of 400 Fps. Designed to offer great comfort due to its ultra-resistant composite bow which is equipped with anti-vibration rubbers, string stoppers & dampeners. The crossbow comes with an advanced cocking technology, which allows this crossbow to automatically activate its safety once the string is cocked. The crossbow along with the safety lock can be operated by a right or left handed user. The crossbow comes equipped with a picatinny rail for scope mounting purposes, an adjustable stock and front grip.

Crossbow Specifications:

  • Length: 33.5” to 36'‘
  • Overall weight: 4.3 Kgs
  • Draw weight: 210 Lbs
  • Arrow speed: 400 Fps
  • Color: As per image
  • Axle to Axle: 14.75” cocked & 18.75” un-cocked
  • Power stroke: 13.25”

Material Specifications:

STOCK: Reinforced composite adjustable stock with ergonomic butt-plate and cheek rest for comfort.

AR GRIP: Ergonomically textured soft grip with finger grooves for increased control under any condition.

TRIGGER: Anti-dry fire safety. Trigger pull below 3.5 lbs.

EXTENDED BULLPUP TRIGGER: Compacting the crossbow's design by shifting the grip forward to achieve a more ergonomic and operational balance.

BARREL: Aluminum / composite barrel with picatinny rail.

CAM SETS: CNC machined cams.

RISER: Ultra-light technology composite riser, Silent-tech performance.

LIMBS: Durable high compression fiber-glass, Quad-limb design.

STRING STOPPER: Decelerates string & deadens vibration.

ULTRA-LIGHT TECHNOLOGY: Reduction of component and frame weight to improve handling characteristics and reduce user fatigue.

Package Includes:

  • 1.4 x 32 Crossbow Scope
  • 2.Cocking Rope
  • 3.Goggles
  • 4.String Wax
  • 5.3 X20" Carbon Bolts
  • 6.1 X quick detach 3 bolt quiver with hardware pack

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