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Laundry Service - Pack of 2 - Moto Jacket and Pants

₹ 649.00 INR ₹ 798.00 INR

At the moment, this service is available in Mumbai, Thane and Navi Mumbai ONLY. Coming soon to a location near you! 

We, at The Rider's Laundry, specialize in washing Helmets, Gloves, Riding Jackets, Riding Pants.

All the items are washed as per our Standard Operating Procedure which is specially designed by testing for almost 6 months which ensures uniform output & best quality of work.

Please Note: At the moment, we are unable to service cleaning of Leather Jackets.

Since all gears are delicate, we wash each item manually taking proper care and using appropriate detergents which won’t damage the gears even after washing them regularly.

FREE Pick-up / Drop Service (Our Team will call and confirm time):


Pick-up Schedule Drop Schedule
Central Line Monday Wednesday
Western Line Wednesday Saturday
Harbour Line Saturday Monday


Riding Jacket / Pants washing consist of 5 stages –

  1. Air Pressure – Whole jacket / pant, liners are cleaned by pressurized air to remove dirt / dust particles.
  2. Anti Fungal Wash – Jacket / Pant is cleaned in Anti Fungal solution which helps to kill fungal growth caused by sweating and dirt.
  3. Detergent Wash – Padding is cleaned in detergent to remove dust and stains.
  4. Colour Patches cleaning / rubbing – Colour Patches on jackets and pants are cleaned by rubbing to remove stains and making them look completely like new.
  5. Fragrance wash – Jacket / Pant is dipped in a very mild fragrance solution which is non-reactive with our body giving it a very nice fragrance.


    • All the items are dried under normal temperature range which won’t damage helmet padding, gloves and jacket material.
    • Every item have identification mark and number on their parts which prevents exchanging it with similar other items.
    • All the items are carried and handled with care by our trained staff only.
    • Get Reward Points after every wash.


    Terms & conditions -

    1 . Please remove all valuables before submitting the item.

    1. All items stored, processed, carried by our staff are at owner's risk.
    2. All items will be washed as per standard procedure only, final result may vary depending on item condition before giving for wash.
    3. Washing time may differ depending on work load & climate conditions (especially in monsoon).
    4. The riders laundry reserves the right to change, add, suspend, cancel, remove or otherwise modify the terms and services offered at any time without prior notice.
    5. In case of cancellation of pick up request, client will have to pay pick up charges if person is already left for pick up... i.e. Rs. 50/-