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Lazer Helmets Anti-Fog Pinlock Lens Insert

₹ 990.00 INR ₹ 2,999.00 INR


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Pinlock has been collaborating with Lazer by supplying its world renowned fog resistant insert lenses for Lazer’s wide range of motorcycle helmets. 

These Pinlock insert lenses can be used for Lazer Helmets - Kite, Falcon, Osprey, Kestrel and Monaco helmets.

This Pinlock Visor Insert Lens can be used for the following Lazer Helmets:

  • Lazer Kite
  • Lazer Falcon
  • Lazer Osprey
  • Lazer Kestrel
  • Lazer Monaco
  • Lazer Paname
  • Lazer Breva R
  • Lazer Solano
  • Lazer Vertigo