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Manguitos DTC Arm Sleeves Pair - Pink

₹ 1,000.00 INR


Mund Professional DTC Cuff Arm Compression Sleeves (1 Pair)

Semi-compressive sleeve with ergonomic design that ensures progressive compression throughout the arm. The DTA cuff, from Mund Socks, maintains the correct muscle temperature reducing the risk of injury, improving intravenous irrigation, and shortening the recovery time post activity.

Made with antibacterial and therapeutic fiber, which prevents odors and helps skin regeneration. This model has special channels of high perspiration and technology that controls the flexion of the arm to prevent wrinkles and discomfort.

  • 52% Drytex® Antibacterial Polyester
  • 24% Lycra® Fiber
  • 24% Polyamide
  • Antibacterial And Therapeutic Point Of "Honeycomb" For Better Perspiration Semicompresivo Technology That Controls The Flexion Of The Arm

  • 52gm / Pair

Compression Technology: Athletically & ergonomically designed arm compression sleeves to protect your arms and relieve lymphedema pains. Superior support to promote relief and rapid muscular recovery.

Breathable Material: Professional grade material (nylon & lycra blend). These athletic arm sleeves are designed for all-day comfort and compression. Engineered to relieve arm pain. 

Boost Circulation: Gradulated compression to provide extra comfort and actively promote healthy blood flow. Designed to boost circulation to aid in rapid muscle recovery. The compression effect decreases from wrist to upper arm, promoting circulation.

Anti Bacterial: Antibacterial and therapeutic “Honeycomb” stitch Arm flex control technology.

Comfortable: Ultra-soft inner elbow area for exceptional comfort. Innovative pad massages and stimulates the muscles and fasciae.