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MDX Laminated Tear-Off - Pack Of 14 - Clear

₹ 1,299.00 INR ₹ 1,790.00 INR


- 14 pack Laminated Tear-Offs
- 1.5 mm sheets bounded with a mild adhesive in stacks of 7
- Stack up to 28 tear-offs on your goggle at a time with little distortion.
- Great for rain races
- Off-Road Eyewear Accessories from Dragon Alliance

Lens -

Care Instructions - Some goggle lenses are treated with a specially formulated anti-fog treatment. When cleaning the inside of the lens, take special care to avoid scratching. Use the provided goggle bag or a soft cotton cloth to gently blot & dab excess moisture. Rubbing the lens may scratch the lens and impair anti-fog treatment.