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MX8 Geotech Pure Carbon Motocross Helmets - Gloss

₹ 34,900.00 INR

Black Carbon+White+Orange

Off-Road Professional's Shield!
This is some of the best head protection you can buy. The MX8 is very light at 1.050 grams and designed for the MX1 competition: no compromise for top-level racing!


Category: Off-Road
Level: Pro
Shell: Fibre
Shell Structure: Pure Carbon...What is Pure Carbon?  The Carbon fiber is the most-used fiber in high performance applications. It is obtained by carbonization of the PAN fiber (Polyacrylonitrile). Lazer chose to use High Modulus (HM) fibers, obtained by a burning temperature of 1800 to 2000°C
N° of Shell: 2
Weight (size L): 1.050 g.
Homologation: ECE 22.05
Buckle: Double D racing
Visor:   Clear visor anti-scratch Pinlock® Provided
Visor Fixation: - Ultra light and resistant screw
- Wide angle peak, light, flexible and unbreakable
EPS:  EPS-Optimized upper insert protection...What is EPS? Just like the outer shell, the inner shell, typically made of EPS (expanded polystyrene), is built to absorb impacts. As it is in near-contact with the head, the inner shell needs to be softer so that it itself does not damage the head when absorbing an impact. Lazer typically uses a triple-density construction, so as to bring an optimal phasing in the absorption process, with denser EPS against the shell and looser EPS against the head. Again, just like with the outer shell, we want to create a gradual fracturing process, with consecutive yielding points.
Ventilation: - Full Air System (FAS)
N° of ventilations: 13
Interior: - 100% removable and washable
- 100% water jet washable
- Ergonomic 3D Cheek Pads
- Front pocket for sweat absorbent filter
- Morpho System Plus
- SILVERPLUS®, antimicrobial and ecological textile (in running change)
Comfort: - Flexible nose deflector
- Goggle strap anti-slip
- Light, flexible and unbreakable peak
- Semi-rigid rear support for neckbrace
Helmet bag: Specific helmet bag
Spoiler: Yes
Peak: Anti-reflective sticker under peak
Guarantee: 5 years (2 years + 3 years if registered)