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SAI Self Defense Tool

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The SAI is an offensive & defensive martial arts weapon originally created in Okinawa – Japan.

They are generally used in pairs, with one in each hand; it can render an attacker helpless in distant & close quarter combat situations. By simply changing the grip rapidly it can be used to make rapid stabs & strikes, locking, blocking & disarming moves. The design of the Sai is said to have been derived from the trident.

The Sai forged in a procedure wherein the side prongs fuse completely with the main center stabbing & handle prong, thus enhancing the joint strength to become almost un-breakable. The pommel & tip end of the mail prong of the Sai is designed to deliver deadly & paralyzing strikes, the main prong is provided with a hexagonal shape to increase all types of efficiency of the Sai.

The center where the main & side prongs fuse have been rounded & shaped to allow quick grip changing maneuvers during a fight. The complete product is forged in high grade stainless steel to prevent corrosion & rusting.

Overall Length: 55.0 cms.
Knife Weight: 29 to 32 oz.
Blade Length: 41.0 cms.
Handle Length: 14.0 cms inclusive of side prongs/side guard
Blade Material: Stainless Steel
Handle Material: Stainless Steel
Guard Material: Stainless Steel

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