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Self Heating Warmer Mini Pack of 2
Self Heating Warmer Mini Pack of 2


Self Heating Warmer Mini Pack of 2

₹ 160.00

A revolutionary self – heating warmer, WARMEE provides up to 8+ hours of continuous warmth without any external source of heating.


- Air – activated self heating warmer
- Safe and Natural Heat.
- Instantaneous heat generation
- No external source of heating required
- 8+ hours of warmth and comfort
- Optimum temperature and warmth within 15 – 25 minutes
- Safe, non toxic and non combustible
- Simple, easy to use, effective
- For kids, for family, for sports, for outdoor
- Easy to dispose
- The main ingredients are vermiculite iron, water and activated carbon.

1. Keep and use WARMEE in dry place.
2. Water exposure could affect performance completely depending on degree of wetness.
3. As Warmee generates heat upto 55*C. Heat bearing capacity of each individual is different, so you may experience increased sensitivity because of high temperatures.
4. WARMEE is most effective when used in enclosed regions of your clothing. Take care to avoid prolonged contact with skin.
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