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Solar Online UPS with inbuilt 12V 18Ah LiFePO4 Battery

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Model No. SPSUPSK-180Li

1. 12V & 230V AC (Mains Mode) 230V DC (UPS Mode), Max. Solar Panel Size: 400W, 5A Mains Charger 2. Internal or External Battery Charging thorugh Mains & Solar. Selection of Internal or External Battery (to be purchased & connected seperately).

Compatible battery types: SMF/VRLA/AGM/LiFePO4

Package includes- 1) Main Unit with 12.8V 18000mAh LiFePO4 Lithium Battery.


  1. Keep Main Unit Always Connected to Mains to run it as Online UPS. 

  2. Approx. Back up time: Internal Battery 3 hours if the connected load is 50W, 15 hours if load connected is 10W. With External battery: Depending on the Ah size of the external battery, the User can connect up to 100Ah(Lead-acid/ Lithium LFP). Product Dimensions: L25 x W16x H13 in cm, Product weight: 2.5 Kg Packaging Dimensions: L41 x W29x H22 in cm, Package weight: 3.0 Kg

  3. Charging Options: Mains Charging Using Mains Power cord of Unit (5A Charger), Solar Charging use 12V/36 Cell solar panel up to 400W Only (20A PWM Charger). DO NOT USE 24V/60Cell or 36V/72Cell Solar Panels, it will damage the solar controller permanently. Charging of internal or external batteries can be done using this unit.

  4. Indications: Mains On, UPS On, Battery Low, Overload, Solar On, Protections: Battery Over Charge, Battery Low Voltage Disconnect. Extra features: Folding Rubber Handle, Zero Transfer Time, Dual Output of 220V & 12V Available, Internal or External Battery Selection Switch. Fuse for Mains & Fuse for Battery In. Wall Mount Option.

  5. Applications: HomeLighting, MobileCharging, DC Fan, Router, Set Top Box, CCTV DVR, LED TV/Monitor, Laptop, Deskjet/Office jet/Tank Printers, BarcodePrinters, PUCMachine, DSLR/Drone Battery Charging, Surfing Board Battery Charging, Internet Points on Buildings. Can be connected as Home UPS in the electrical circuit of the Home. Do Not Connect 230V Motor Operated appliances ex. Ceiling fan to this unit. If 230V Fan needs to be connected, make sure you purchase and connect 230V BLDC Fan Only which works with DC Input supply as well.

  6. Handling Time: 3 to 4 working days.

Additional Information:

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 41 × 22 × 29 cm
Battery Type 12.8V 18Ah LiFePO4
Battery Size in Watthours 216Whr
Battery Life Cycles 1500 Cycles or 2 Years*
Battery Charging Time (for Internal Battery) (3.6 hrs) Mains, (4.5 hrs) Solar*, (6 hrs) Car Charging, *12V 100W panel considered for Solar Charging Option.
Max Capacity (Load Output) 120-150 Watts (230V AC Electronics Devices) 240 Watts (12V Devices)
Output Voltage 220V AC (Mains Mode) / 220V DC (UPS Mode) / 12VDC (Mains/UPS Mode)
Conectors/Pins On Product Mains Cord, Solar In, Car Charging In & External Battery Pins
Rating of Mains Charger 5A
Rating of Car Charger 3A
Rating of Solar Charger 20A PWM
Max Solar OCV 25V
Max Solar Panel Watts 400W
Solar Panel Type 12V or 36 Cell Only (if required connect panels in parallel)
USB 3.0 Charging Ports None
Bulbs Wattage NA
Bulb Cord Length NA
Battery Voltage & Capacity DisplayStatus Indications Mains On, UPS On, Battery Low, Overload, Solar On
Run Time (For 50W load) For Internal Battery: 4 to 5 Hours (for 50W Load), For External Battery: Depend on Connected Battery Size. (Max Battery Size: 100Ah (AGM/SMF/VRLA/LFP)
Protections Battery Over Charge, Battery Low Voltage Disconnect
Car Cigarette Lighter Adapter (i.e for DC Refrigerator) NA
Accessories Supplied Car Charging Cable.
Extra Features Folding Rubber Handle, Zero Transfer Time, Dual Output of 220V & 12V Available, Internal or External Battery Selection Switch. Fuse for Mains & Fuse for Battery In. Wall Mount Option

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