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StayWarm, provides lasting and comfortable warmth without any need for power supply or batteries. Palm-size pouches, that conveniently fit in pockets, gloves, or shoes, and provide about 6 hours of warmth.

The product performs well in all kinds of situations: at home, office or outdoors, whether it is going to office or having fun and adventure at a ski resort. StayWarm helps you beat the chill and assists you travel/work with ease.

Do not burn coal or wood and cause environmental pollution, just use StayWarm as your personal heater.


Latent Heat2Comfort Technologies (H2C) specializes in 
instant, portable and non-electric products that provide heat for comfort and convenience. Our products are a result of applied research and product development efforts of a dedicated team at Parisodhana Technologies Pvt. Ltd. H2C is your one stop shop for portable products to address your heating/warming needs.

Our proprietary heating technology is a unique blend of electrochemistry, heat transfer and packaging concepts.

Products based on this platform technology are manufactured using environment friendly ingredients and are safe to discard after use along with dry domestic waste.

Our products are simple to use- Just tear open the external packet, expose the inside pouch to air, shake it and experience the warmth.