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Swift Youth Re-Curve Bow - AS-R154A - Archery Equipment

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Draw Weight: 20-24Lbs

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The Swift Youth Re-Curve Bow - AS-R154A has a 19” riser that is fabricated from high-grade stress-proof mag alloy which grants the riser high strength along with excessive weight reduction; moreover, the riser is equipped with tapped slot’s which can accommodate all fitment's required for competitive and recreational archery, an ergonomically correct polymer grip makes this an ideal choice for all types of archers.

The surface is finished in a jet black matte colour. The limbs are fabricated using high grade tensile and elastic material which include a combination of woods, Gordon’s Bo-tuff fibre-glass (USA made) with thin underlining of high-grade carbon fibre. The bow is precise, stable and is a true joy to shoot with.

Bow Specifications:

  • Riser Length: 19”
  • Bow Length: 54”
  • Overall Weight: 1.80 Lbs
  • Draw Weight: 20 to 24 Lbs
  • Draw Length: 24 to 29 inches
  • Colour: As per the image
  • Bow Type: Take-down Re-curve Bow
  • Dexterity: Right-Handed

These bows are available for right-handed shooters only. This bow can be used by archers at any level of shooting ranging from a beginner to a professional. Fantastic range and accuracy make this bow an ideal choice for archers.

Ample limb length allows for a smooth draw. Designed to be a take-down recurve bow for ease in storage and transport. Designed and fabricated as per strict international standards.

 Package Includes:

  • 1 number - 19” Bow Riser
  • 1 pair - Bow Limbs
  • 1 number - High-quality Dacron Bow String
  • 1 number - Screw Type Arrow Rest

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