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Throttle Kleen - Throttle Body Cleaner 500 ML

₹ 450.00 INR

500 ML

Throttle body cleaner is an aggressive cleaner for fuel system components that removes carbon deposits, grease deposits, resin, gum, and oxidation.

Recommended application on parts such as valves, actuators, EGR-valves, injectors, throttle valves, air mass meters, and carburetor components.

  • Penetrative action over carbon deposits 
  • Cleans and protects complete fuel system
  • Non-corrosive and non-staining 
  • Aids in engine fuel efficiency
  • Minimizes engine knock and increases effective response
Best for
  • Compatible for both carburetor and fuel injection systems

Direction for Use:
- Insert plastic tube firmly into the valve button
- Before application, ensure the engine is switched off and cool

- Carburetor Engines - 

  • Spray the exterior of carburetor and linkages. 
  • Remove the air filter and the air throttle plate for air intake application

- Injection Engined -

  • Spray at air intake boot and the open end of PVC valve

- Allow the car to idle for a few minutes with the throttle valve open, this reduces chances of backfire during engine start-up

    - Do not expose to heat or store at temperatures above 50 C
    - Contents are under pressure, do not puncture the can 
    - Applicators should take adequate precautions and gear while handling to prevent ingestion, inhalation, skin and eye contact
    - Product application is recommended to be done in a ventilated area
    - Keep out of reach of children 
    - In case of eye contact, rinse thoroughly with water