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Ultimate Liquid Wax 100 ML

₹ 129.00 INR

100 ML

Vista Ultimate Liquid Wax is a one-step product for extending a good shine on painted surfaces. It’s highly economical and leaves behind a shiny, glossy surface with minimal buffing.

- For all automotive cured and painted metal surfaces
- For Extended and long-lasting glaze and gloss
- Compatible for manual and machine application

Direction for use:
- Ensure the surface is clean and free of dirt and dust
- Apply the product with a clean, soft cloth
- Spread uniformly on the surface
- Buff:

By Hand
 By Machine 
  • Exert medium pressure and buff.
  • Gradually increase the pressure till the surface gets a gloss                  
  • Strat with minimum pressure when buffering.
  • Increase the pressure and speed suitably till the surface gets a gloss

After buffing, wipe with a clean microfiber cloth

Shake well before use
- Do not apply on hot surfaces or use under direct sunlight
- Store in a cool, dry place