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Waterless Bike Wash - 500ml
Waterless Bike Wash - 500ml


Waterless Bike Wash - 500ml

₹ 399.00

An innovative (green), eco-friendly,high performance chemistry derived through a unique blend of lustre enhancing polymer, waxes and high pure key ingredients imparts instant glossy finish and prevents dirt to stick on treated surface.

Walesh encapsulates, llquifies and suspends dirt, ensures optimum cleaning and ultra gloss finish (high GSM micro fiber cloth is recommended for optimum performance)


- Waterless
- Quick and Fast
- Shine restoration and enhancement
- Scratch free
- Appreciates resale value of the bike
- Eco friendly
- Safe
- Non-hazardous,non-toxic


Spray: Mist spray of walesh onto the surface area to be cleaned (section by section)
Wipe(cloth): Gently wipe the product onto the surface with pre-wetted folded microfiber cloth.
Buff(cloth): Using a second clean folded microfiber cloth,quickly buff off the remaining residue to impart a deep gloss shine.

  • Warranty

Walesh products DO NOT carry a Warranty OR Guarantee against their products. Kindly check the product against defects in materials or workmanship (not wear and tear damage), before the first use of the product. Please let us know within 2 days of receiving the product incase you notice any defect.
All products bought at a Discount, Annual Sale, Flash Sale and / or at a price below the MRP, will not be eligible to return OR for warranty claim of the product/s that you have purchased from
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